Sometimes, It Rains On Your Parade

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Sometimes, as an artist, you have to immerse yourself in your community.

We artists are fickle creatures. We make of everything more than there might be – it’s a good thing and a bad thing. Good when you’re creating – it gives you the ability to see things for more than they are, visualize worlds and works and creatures that no one else can see. Bad when in your relationships – blowing small things out of proportion, wondering about the hidden meaning behind everything, looking for what really isn’t there.


We can also be super distracted, distracting, A.D.D., emotional, flighty, indecisive, overly-decisive, spontaneous, reckless… We can be tough. So immersing yourself in a community filled with artists can be good for your soul – so you know you’re not crazy, it’s not just you.

That’s the great thing about photography workshops, and things like Art Basel.201512-art-basel-miami0002

201512-art-basel-miami0005I won’t get into the history of Art Basel. You can read about it here.

I will say, it was the perfect example of my artist-ness. In my excitement of realizing that Art Basel Miami was going to be the week before my birthday, I rushed to book flight tickets and an AirBNB… admittedly without doing much research before hand. So. We ended up in Little Havana, pretty far from the convention center and other attractions when you consider the Art Basel traffic. Which would have been okay – if Miami hadn’t decided to rain it’s face off over us for the whole weekend.



201512-art-basel-miami0024  201512-art-basel-miami0017



But there were breaks in the clouds. We spend all our rainy time in the Convention Center itself, checking out the main exhibits, and were still able to walk around, check out the Wynwood Wall area, and even get in a little beach and rooftop bar time.

And, since we stayed in Little Havana, we got some GREAT (and super cheap) food.

All in all, a good vacation.

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