I’ve Gone Dark

In editorial, portrait

In the best way possible.

There’s so much I want to say about this shoot, these women, and these images, and I can’t yet, because (ta-da) it’s a surprise! Still in the making, and something I know will result in amazing things.

So for now, a little noir-y goodness for you to enjoy.

20160513-NoirBurlesque0034-2 20160513-NoirBurlesque0104-2 20160513-NoirBurlesque0139-2 20160513-NoirBurlesque0190-2 20160513-NoirBurlesque0340 20160513-NoirBurlesque0353 20160513-NoirBurlesque0416-2 20160513-NoirBurlesque0458 20160513-NoirBurlesque0532 20160513-NoirBurlesque0564 20160513-NoirBurlesque0652 20160513-NoirBurlesque0661 20160513-NoirBurlesque0670 20160513-NoirBurlesque0683-2 20160513-NoirBurlesque0748 20160513-NoirBurlesque0816-2

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