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So what is this? A new blog? Why? What’s going on?

I’m coming up on the five year anniversary of running Oh, Karina Photography. And I’ve loved it. I mean, why wouldn’t I? What more can you ask for than following your passion, making a living out of your art, loving the people you work with, creating, every day?

And I couldn’t ask for more. But in some ways, I should be doing more. Because everyone needs a creative outlet, but a creative outlet isn’t necessarily and outlet if it’s also your job.

I’ve been accused, many times over the past five years, of not sharing personal work. And that’s true. I’ve gone on trips to Tuscany and Japan and Austin and California and, of course, the Philippines every Christmas, and those images have barely hit Instagram, much less a bonafide blog post. I hike and travel and attend colorful, rowdy street festivals and just watch people – these are my loves. And of course, this is all documented photographically – it’s just that nothing happens with them.

And then there’s the issue that I simple have stopped photographing for myself. Before I had a business, before I was really making money off of my photography, back when I was trying to scrap together any sort of portfolio, I shot everything and anything. I shot tons of models off of Model Mayhem. I did stupid things like breaking into abandoned buildings and theme parks, just to get “the shot”. And I had big ideas. I pursued a project documenting what it meant to be a female nerd. I gave money to panhandlers to take their picture and sat down with them to hear their stories.

That’s what I wanted to do. Take photos and write stories. Document culture and individuals. Research. Study people.

But of course, once you start running a business, all that falls to the wayside. You tell yourself your business is more important than those projects, that you have to build it, that you have to be working on it all the time to make it successful, to make it real.

But that’s not sustainable. You need work-life balance, even if your work-life balance means your just saturated in art all the time (which, again, does sound like paradise to me).

I digress. So what is this new blog? Other than proof that I can punctuate properly, rather than in smiley faces and exclamation points.

Things you might expect to find in this blog:

  1. Editorial portraits
  2. Model shoots
  3. Personal projects that may include and are certainly not limited to:
    • Nerdy girls daring to be themselves
    • Entrepreneurial women
    • Self-portraits (an attempt to become comfortable with my own face)
  4. Random wanderings and street portraits
  5. Whatever thoughts spill out of my unfiltered mind

Proceed at your own risk, and thanks for stopping by.


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